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[   ]skypeforlinux_8.106.0.210-1.x86_64.rpm2023-11-28 14:15 116M 
[   ]skypeforlinux_8.106.0.212-1.x86_64.rpm2023-11-28 14:15 116M 
[   ]skypeforlinux_8.107.0.215-1.x86_64.rpm2023-11-28 14:15 116M 
[   ]skypeforlinux_8.108.0.205-1.x86_64.rpm2023-11-28 14:16 116M 
[   ]skypeforlinux_8.109.0.209-1.x86_64.rpm2023-11-28 14:15 116M 

No emergency calls with Skype
Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling
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